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20 days OFF-ROAD motorcycle arctic expedition

in short



50% trails & 50% roads

20 days & 19 nights

2 days break

Objective: North Cape!

3 countries

5 500 KM

An average of 350 KM & 5h30 of riding per day

Departure and return from Norway

Season: mid June to mid September

Difficulty: 3/5

Open to all.

Requires however a very good endurance:

it’s an Expedition!

From €4,690 per person

This road trip is a real expedition to North Cape.
The first part in Norway is mainly by road and the return through Finland and Sweden is exclusively by trackWe will travel part of the Swedish TET*There is a relatively large number of kilometres to cover each day but the landscapes we will cross are literally dreamlike!
A memorable arctic adventure
*TET : Trans Euro Trail

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voyage moto cap nord stave church norway


DAY 1 : Languesund

0 KM & 0h

Welcome to Norway!
Arrival in Languesund by your own. We recommend taking the ferry from Hirtshals in Denmark. The crossing is fast, cheap and takes you directly to Languesund. A hotel room reserved in your name awaits you. Tonight’s welcome briefing with the guide!

DAY 2 : Hemsedal

350 KM & 5h30

We’re off! The road takes us through the fjords of the western part of the country and we stop to see the legendary medieval wooden churches: the Stave churches.

DAY 3 : Geiranger

350 KM & 6h

We continue north through the fjords. Breathtaking views force us to make contemplative stops. We arrive in Geiranger for the night, the starting point of the famous Troll Road: “The Giant’s Road”!

DAY 4 : Trondheim

365 KM & 6h

Today we tackle the Trollstigen, literally the “troll way” which can be interpreted as the road of the giants. This is one of the highlights of the trip, both literally and figuratively. This gigantic asphalt snake is THE ride of Norway. We continue on to Trondheim and spend the night there.

DAY 5 : Moesjen

380 KM – 5h

We continue north and spend the night in the Norwegian countryside in Moesjen.

DAY 6 : Lofoten

400 KM & 6h

Today we pass the limit of the polar circleIt’s official: we are entering the arctic dimension of this road trip! We reach the coast to take the ferry that will take us to Lofoten where we can enjoy a well-deserved rest day after 6 days of adventure.

DAY 7 : Rest day in Lofoten

(120 KM & 2h30)

A full rest day in Lofoten.
Lofoten is a group of islands and peninsulas dotted with small fishing villages and linked by spectacular roads. We drive along the mountains and cliffs that drop into the Norwegian Sea, such as the majestic Higravstinden, which rises to 1146 m. You have the option of exploring Lofoten today with a quick loop or hiking on your own or staying at the hotel.

DAY 8 : Bardufoss

420 KM & 6h

Here we go again !
Well rested, we attack a big day of riding by crossing the Lofoten from West to East in direction of our final objective : the North Cape ! Many photo stops will be compulsory to keep memories of these sumptuous landscapes !

DAY 9 : Alta

370 KM – 5h30

A few more stretches of road among the Picea Excelsa, the Norwegian fir trees, lead us to Alta, our goal for the evening. This town is famous for its northern lights in winter.

DAY 10 : North Cape !

270 KM & 4h

There are unmistakeable signs:
It’s been several days since the temperatures dropped drastically, the reindeer are wandering around the roadsides and the vegetation is stunted by the cold…

Yes! It’s the big day! At last! We arrive at our goal: the North Cape!

After nearly 3000 km we reach the northern end of the European continent.
On the edge of the Barents Sea, the globe symbolizing the location of the North Cape rises proudly.
We take the time to appreciate the moment and immortalize it, then we leave for Honningsvag to spend the night.

voyage moto cap nord forest off road
voyage moto cap nord off road trail dirt
DAY 11 : Inari

380 KM & 5h30

It’s time to head south and to attack the track part of this motorcycle road trip!
We are already in Finland riding the first kilometres of tracks which will be our daily bread for the crossing of Lapland.

DAY 12 : Meltaus

320 KM & 5h30

A good day of riding on the Lapland tracks where you will have to watch out for the reindeer which are more numerous than the inhabitants in this part of the world.

DAY 13 : Oulu

325 KM & 5h30

We pass the Arctic Circle again, the place Santa Claus chose to set up his village in Rovaniemi !
We will of course say hello to him before continuing our journey or rather our tracks!

DAY 14 : Reisjärvi

250 KM & 5h

Track, track and more track today to get us to Reisjärvi where we will take a well-deserved break.

DAY 15 : Rest day in Reijärvi

0 KM & 0h

Today’s objective: rest and sauna!
We enjoy the Finnish tradition to the fullest!

DAY 16 : Umea

330 KM & 7h

We leave our beloved Finland to meet another great Scandinavian nation: Sweden! Ferry crossing from Vaasa to Umea.

DAY 17 : Haxas

335 KM & 5h

Welcome to Sweden!
We head west today to pick up the Swedish TET which will take us southWe spend the night in Haxas.

DAY 18 : Ytterhogdal

250 KM & 5h

The wide tracks of the Swedish TET accompany us for the day. In the middle of the fir forests we sail south towards the Norwegian border.

DAY 19 : Trysil

290 KM & 5h30

Two hundred kilometres of track lead us to Norway! The land of the Trolls welcomes us with open arms and marks the end of the off-road portion of the trip. 
Night in Trysil.

DAY 20 : Larvik

340 KM & 5h

Last day’s ride back to Larvik on the southern coast of Norway on the North SeaThis is the end of our Arctic adventure, which is sure to be one of your favourite adventures.
End of our services.

You can take the ferry to Hirtshals in the evening or leave the next day.

The above route data is subject to change.




Prices per person from 4 riders onwards for the above trip with a tour guide.

Rider: €4,690

You share a twin room (two separate beds) with another Rider. Ideal for two friends who want to keep travel costs down!
If you register alone and want this option, we can pair you up with another Rider who also wants it.

Pillion: €2,890

You share a room with the pilot (double or twin room)

Included in the package :

What is included*

+ All breakfasts
+ Shared room in 3 star hotels
+ Ferry crossing to Sweden on day 16
+ FFM tour guide


What is not included*

– Lunch and dinners
– Drinks 
– Luggage transportation
– Gasoline
– Personal expenses and tips
– Anything not explicitly listed under “Included” 

*excluding options


Prices per person from 4 riders.

Single room: €1,400

You have your own room for the entire stay.

Luggage transportation

Price on request

Includes a back-up van and a driver who loads and unloads your luggage every day at the hotel.

upcoming departures

Next departure dates for the guided formula, excluding tailor-made trips.


 On request and subject to availability

NON-GUIDED tour prices

Prices on request for the above trip without a tour guide.
You go on your own with GPS tracks, booked accommodation and the options you want.

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